Empowering Communities From Within

Welcome to MACA – we pray that this information will educate and inspire you. Become aware of the challenges facing communities both urban and rural, in different parts of the world. How can communities become places that honor God and grow to be contributors to their countries? Learn how MACA is facing the challenge and how you can become involved.

MACA utilizes the CHE model and network to practice the love of God to promote and sustain community owned development.

Promoting human dignity, inspiring hope for individuals, infusing new life into their communities.

The core values of MACA remain as:

  1. Worth - all humans are created by God and are of equal value and importance.
  2. Integrated - the activities of MACA are to reflect the biblical example of wholism: Love the Lord our God with our whole hearts, our whole mind and our whole bodies and to love our neighbours as ourselves.
  3. Sustainable Development - to bring pertinent information to communities that will allow their living and health conditions improve and to encourage transformation from current conditions for long lasting change.
  4. Community Ownership - all programmes will be the responsibility of the participating communities.
  5. Multiplication - the desire for transformed communities will become a desired state for other surrounding communities.
  6. Contextualization – God created us unique and individual, each CHE community reflects this creation depending on their country and church community.
  7. Shalom - peace and harmony in transformed communities.

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